Hi, my name is Marco. Working as a Senior Software Architect at Philips. This blog is statically generated using Next.js.

Hello Next.js, goodbye Hexo

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For the folks reading my blog for a long time, you might have noticed I'm using my current theme and blogging engine for a long time. About 5 years ago I migrated from Wordpress to Hexo. Wordpress at that point in time was costing me serious money to get a decent performing webpage according to modern standards. So back then I decided to move into a statically generated blog, where I could write my blogs offline using markdown. Hexo has served me very well the last couple of years. It is a stat…

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Remove files from Git history using git-filter-repo

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Many of you have probably been in a situation where you committed a file in your repository which you shouldn't have done in the first place. For example a file with credentials or a crazy big file that made your repository clones very slow. Now there are a lot of blogs and guides already available on how to get these files completely removed. It involves git filter-branch or bfg sourcery. In this blog I'm going to show you the new recommended way of doing this using git-filter-repo, which sim…

Nginx 1.19 supports environment variables and templates in Docker

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In this blog I want to show you a nice new feature in Nginx 1.19 Docker image. I requested it somewhere 2 years ago when I was trying to figure out how I could configure my static page applications more flexibly with various endpoints to backing microservices. Back then I used to have my static pages fetch a json file that contained the endpoints for the apis. This way I could simply mount this json file into my container with all kind of endpoints for this particular deployment. It was some s…

Building a Elasticsearch cluster using Docker-Compose and Traefik

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In a previous blog I have written on setting up Elasticsearch in docker-compose.yml already. I have also shown you before how to setup Traefik 1.7 in docker-compose.yml. Today I want to show you how we can use Traefik to expose a loadbalanced endpoint on top of a Elasticsearch cluster. Simplify networking complexity while designing, deploying, and running applications. We will setup our cluster using docker-compose so we can easily run and cleanup this cluster from our laptop. Create a Elas…

Use the ACME DNS-Challenge to get a TLS certificate

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In my previous 2 blogs I have shown you how to build a HTTP/2 webserver. In these blogs we have covered self signed TLS certificates as well retrieving a Certificate via Letsencrypt. I mentioned there you will have to expose your server publicly on the internet. However I now figured out there is another way. So please continue reading. Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the nonprofit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). Letsencrypt imple…